lemon drizzle

lemon drizzle

Lemon drizzle loaf serves 8


250ml double cream
225g caster sugar
225g organic self raising flour ( I use duchy)
4 medium eggs
1 large lemon
50g icing sugar


Start by beating the cream in the food mixer with the K beater on low until it starts to thicken and then turn up the speed until its over whipped. Keep your eyes on it as it will start sloshing around as the solids start to separate.
Take the solid lump out and squeeze as much liquid out as you can back into a jug reserving all the liquid.

Save a little butter to grease the loaf tin and put the rest of the freshly churned butter back into the mixing bowl with a pinch of sea salt, the flour, sugar and eggs. Put the flour in first so everything else sits on top. This is to weigh the flour down so when you turn your mixer on it doesn’t eject the flour out of the bowl all over your kitchen. Pulse the mixer a few times to make sure the flour doesn’t fly everywhere then turn on high to quickly bring together. If the batter is thick add some of the liquid you reserved from making your butter.

Grate the zest into the batter and fold in evenly.

Grease and line the loaf tin with parchment paper. Pour the batter in to the tin and flatten out with a spatula and bake for about 40 minutes or longer depending on how much of a crust you like.

While you’re waiting for the loaf to bake mix the lemon juice and icing sugar together and mix well to create a runny paste. Once your loaf is ready prick all over with the skewer and evenly drizzle the lemon sugar all over. You can do this whilst still in the tin or if your brave enough, take the hot loaf out of the tin and place on a cooling rack and drizzle all over allowing to drip down the sides creating a nice effect.

Serve with clotted cream and fresh blueberries.

mini english muffins

mini english muffins


300g of ’00’ flour
6g yeast
6g malden sea salt
15g caster sugar
15g soft butter
1 egg
170ml milk
Rapeseed oil
15g semolina


Place all of the ingredients in your mixing bowl making sure you keep the salt and the yeast separate to begin with. If using a food mixer use the dough hook and blend for 10 minutes on a medium speed occasionally checking to see that its not just spinning on the hook.

If not using a food mixer knead on a floured surface for 10 minutes.

Lightly grease a glass bowl and place the dough inside. Cover with cling film and leave for an hour to double in volume.

Tip the dough out onto a floured work surface and roll out to a thickness of 1 inch.

Dust 2 baking trays with polenta, cut out rounds with a 6cm cutter or which ever size you have. Place on the tray and leave to prove for 30 minutes covered with oiled cling film.

Heat up a heavy based pan on the stove on a medium heat and once ready start dry frying your muffins for about 5 or 6 minutes on each side.

Allow to cool, slice, toast and butter. Serve with bacon and eggs.