A quickie here.

You can either use Peters Yard ring crisp beads or make your own rings using puff pastry and pastry cutters.

Serves 4

Start with
400g of strawberries
50g of organic coconut sugar
handful of fresh basil

trim the strawberries and cut into quarters, sprinkle with the sugar, tear the basil leaves over the strawberries and toss. Leave this on the side for a few hours tossing occasionally to keep the coating even.


250g of mascarpone
50g of organic coconut sugar
a splash of strawberry liqueur if you have any

Gently stir these ingredients together – you need a good quality full fat mascarpone fro this to work – put the mascarpone into a piping bag.

1 rolled puff pastry
1 egg
1 tbsp of organic coconut sugar

Cut out the pastry with the largest ring and then use one a few sizes down so you get a good thick surface – you can bake these between to baking sheets for a flat crisp pastry or just egg wash and leave open on a tray to get fluffy and crispy pastry.

Macerated berries
Sweet Mascarpone
Puff pastry rings
Purple basil leaves
Icing sugar

Once the pastry had cooled down pipe a few dots of mascarpone in a ring on the plate, dot with a few strawberry pieces then place the pastry on top – dust with icing sugar, place the strawberries around the ring and then fill in the gaps with mascarpone. Drizzle with the macerating liquid and garnish with purple basil leaves. Ask Nick at Goughs in Tettenhall for the purple basil.