Recently we were at the RSPCA in Birmingham to provide breakfast and lunch to the film crew and cast working on their next advert for TV. For 8am we had filter coffee brewed, smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels stacked, melon wedges sliced, muffins etc.. out ready for everyone to arrive.

Croissant’s and jam is one of my favourites for breakfast but i’ve recently become slightly addicted to chilli jam! Combining thick cut, dry cured streaky bacon with a croissant and chilli jam is something that needs to be tried!

We kept drinks and snacks going all day and for lunch I prepared a chilli and cashew nut butter with sugar free blueberry jam and rocket in gluten free bread to make sure if there are any dietary requirements that I don’t know about I know i’ve got it covered and no-one is going to miss out on lunch.

For the rest of the lunch I made beetroot hummus and feta bagels with radish and pea shoots, rare roasted beef and horseradish in bloomer bread, and one of my favourites, a grilled chicken with fresh basil, avocado and parmesan mayonnaise. Add to that kettle chips, broccoli and spinach salad and a fennel and apple coleslaw and you don’t really need mush else, well unless you have a sweet tooth and fancy a fruit and nut flapjack or a chocolate brownie.

Coffee, tea, snacks and fruit was made available all day long until filming ended.