We recently catered for a funeral wake at a clients home. We set up in their kitchen and got ready for the return of everyone to serve coffee and tea, wines and beer supplied by the client and served by us. We also had a great variety of crostini, crisps and roasted nuts ready for everyone to have a nibble before the main buffet.

We served bowl food which included salmon and leek gratin, lasagne and beef chilli with sour dough bread. We also made some mini pies with slow cooked beef shin with beer, black pudding sausage rolls, medium sized brioche burgers with cheese, bacon and tomato relish. To compliment this we served bean and broccoli salad with kale and walnut pesto, tomato and herbs salad with spiced roast new potatoes and creme fraiche.

For sweet we served a large choice of chocolate brownies with orange mascarpone and physalis, morgans spiced rum chocolate mousse, lemon drizzle friand, small carrot cake with spiced buttercream and pumpkin seeds, lemon posset with blueberry jam, mini Victoria sandwich and berry glasses with raspberry sauce.

We provided side plates, small forks and serviettes with 3 staff to serve and clear and chef to provide the freshly cooked food.