A low glycemic index menu designed to keep you’re delegates well fed and focused.



is something you’ll have in abundance if you follow a few simple GI LOW rules.
The whole thinking behind our new Low GI menu is to help delegates attending a day long events stay alert and focused by serving a menu built solely using foods found on th eLow Glycemic Index.

Eating the right foods during the day will help maintain a balanced blood sugar level reducing the amount of sugar crashed you may experience as a result of eating too many high carb foods.

The Glycemic Index is a rating system that indicates how quickly each individual food item affects your blood glucose levels.

Foods with a high GI such as white bread or potatoes are carbohydrates which are quickly broken down by your body leading to a rapid rise in blood glucose which inevitably results in a sugar crash making you feel sleepy.

Low GI foods break down slowly which helps to keep your glucose levels even keeping you alert.

Ready Steady Go…

Take the right kind of foods within 2 hours of waking and you’re off to a great start. When considering superfoods in your diet, remember it isn’t a fashion statement but more of a health choice for well being.

Fuel up

£8 .50

Natural bio Yoghurt with raspberries, blueberries and toasted oats.

Gluten free banana loaf with honey

Smoked salmon, boiled egg and spinach.

Melon and berries

Tea and filter coffee

Mineral water


£3 .50

Superfood flapjacks


Tea’s and filter coffee

Mineral water

Stay Alert

The purpose of a low glycemic index (GI) is to eat carbohydrate-containing foods that are low on the GI and less likely to cause any large increases in blood glucose levels. Our menu is put together from foods of a GI of below 55.


£16 .00

Salmon fillet or Skinless chicken breast with broccoli, sweet potato and brown rice.

Red lentils and French bean salad with nuts and seeds.

Turmeric and black pepper yoghurt.

Fresh fruit

Mineral water

No guilt reQuired

£2 .00

Vegan Gluten free brownies

Lactose free passion fruit panna cotta

Set lemon yoghurt and blueberries


High GI foods are mostly responsible for the afternoon slumping focus and productivity that most people experience after eating refined carbs such as white bread, potatoes and white rice.

Afternoon breaks

£7 .50

Spinach, turmeric and ginger shot

Beetroot and apple shot

Dried fruit bars

Superfood flapjacks 

Raw nuts

Raw vegetable crudities

Filter coffee and Teas


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