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Celeriac remoulade

A great side dish to serve with the pork belly, fennel and chorizo brochettes. 500g of celeriac peeled 2 large gherkins Tbsp of capers Grate these ingredients and squeeze half a lemon all over, roughly chop a good bunch of Italian flat leaf parsley and toss together...

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Strawberries and Cream

A quickie here. You can either use Peters Yard ring crisp beads or make your own rings using puff pastry and pastry cutters. Serves 4 Start with 400g of strawberries 50g of organic coconut sugar handful of fresh basil trim the strawberries and cut into quarters,...

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Strawberry Daiquiri

One of your five a day here. If you have some left over strawberries knocking around why not turn them into a strawberry daiquiri? Quite simply crush the berries with an equal weight of caster sugar, then a squeeze of lime juice, a strawberry liqueur or a sugar syrup...

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Beef fillet with croquette of shin.

Something for the weekend? a fillet is my favorite cut of beef, great melting texture and easy to eat. Perfect for a dinner party if you're using your best table manners. The fillet itself doesn’t need cooking for very long so that's the last thing to worry about. If...

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