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The reason I’m such a fan of sour dough bread is because of the total lack of chemical Franken-wheat and yeast. Look out for ancient grains such as Kamut flour, this won’t contain anything that’s un natural. Bread as nature intended and tastes really amazing too with a real crunchy crust! Personally I just like a good thick slice with a mature cheddar with a jar of takefood preserves piccalilli madras or if you fancy something warm try a confit duck leg with dripping…droooooool!



500g of good quality bread flour
500g Khorsan flour
1 litre of filtered water.




1 litre glass jar with screw cap or kilner jar.

Measuring cup 50ml

Small wooden spoon



Wash your jar in hot soapy water, rinse in clear water and place in the oven for 20 minutes at 110°c. Remove the rubber seal if using kilner jar.

Put 1 cup of mixed flours and 1 cup of water into the jar once cool enough to touch, don’t touch the inside, stir the flour and water well then seal. Place somewhere in the kitchen that doesn’t get too warm or in direct sunlight. Repeat this process everyday for 1 week. If the jar is getting full just pour some out.

After the week it should smell quite sour and a little boozy. From now on you need to keep this alive so it’s good to keep it in the fridge and feed about 3 times a week. Pour enough starter to create space for a top up. Don’t throw the starter away, fry it in a little butter to make sour dough pancakes and serve with mascarpone and smoked salmon. .

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