This month I’ve been back to stockbatch barn in Shrewsbury to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner for the clients of SW enjoying their weekend of yoga, treatments and general chilling! I really look forward to this event, it’s the most relaxing work I do during the whole year and I always feel as though I’ve been their as a client and not as a chef. I recommend this kind of weekend away to everyone who could do with a complete switch off for a weekend. I prepared a vegetarian menu and carefully reduced dairy and gluten products too! It’s amazing how you feel after eating such good food.

Brunch was my absolute favourite and first dish I ever made when I was about 13 after finding the recipe on the back of a pastry box.

Lunch for Saturday was a Ramen style killer jar, layered with vegetables and ready to filled with miso.

Sunday lunch was a roasted Mediterranean vegetable tart with roasted new potatoes and broccoli salad.

If your organising a weekend away and fancy having a catering package get in touch for a quote.