Scallops and beetroot

Scallops and beetroot

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I love scallops pan fried with a little garlic butter but smoking them slightly just add’s another level of flavour to the dish. Try this at home for your next dinner party or hire takefood to come make it for you. Also great for a wedding breakfast.

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Course: Starter

Oven temp: 170˚c

Preparation time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 30 minutes

Serves 6


12 native scallops 


3 strips of butchers smoked streaky bacon 


1 large beetroot roasted until soft 


1 purple cauliflower or white


Dill fronds


Mustard frills 


Cracked black pepper 


100g of good quality black pudding


Cold pressed rapeseed oil


3 walnuts cracked open






Heavy based frying pan 

Magi-mix | Blender 

Old pan 


Blow torch 

Frying pan 




  • Put an old pan on the stove and add in some oak chips or tea leaves and place a sieve over the top. Once it starts to smoke place the scallops and roe in then place a piece of kitchen foil over the top and allow to smoked for 3 minutes. 
  • Smoke the scallops for about 3 minutes then separate the bright orange roe from the scallops, remove the sinew and put the roe in a blender with softened butter and blitz until smooth. Keep in the fridge until required. To serve sandwich between 2 crisp slices of brioche and garnish with dill. You can serve this as “smoked coral brioche toast” canapés or serve it as part of the dish.
  • Blow torch and finish in a hot oven for a few minutes or pan fry the scallops to brown and cook through in the pan with butter and garlic.
  • Lay the bacon out on a tray and cook in the oven until crisp and then break into small shards.
  • Cook the black pudding and crumble into small bits.
  • Puree the cooked beetroot with a little rapeseed oil. Cut small florets from the cauliflower and toss in a little oil and sea salt then roast until al dente. 
  • To serve spread a little beetroot puree on the plate then place the scallops and bacon in the centre. Garnish with black pudding, cauliflower, herbs and mustard leaves, crush a walnut half around the plate and drizzle with rapeseed oil. 

serving suggestion

Serve with a cold white wine or a light red wine if you prefer. 



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Ducky eggs and grown up salmon soldiers

Ducky eggs and grown up salmon soldiers

Room in my larder

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Here’s something simple for brunch. It’s quick to prepare and super tasty.

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Course: Brunch

Oven temp: 200˚c

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 7 minutes

Serves 6


12 duck eggs at room temperature 

24 asparagus spears trimmed 

12 slices of smoked salmon  

12 large basil leaves  

Cracked black pepper 




Baking tray

Chopping board and sharp knife 

Egg cups and spoons

Piece of parchment paper to fit the baking tray




Put a deep pan of water on to boil and set the oven to 200˚c

Slice the smoked salmon slices into 2 halves and lay out on the parchment on the baking tray.

Break the asparagus spears near the base where they break naturally and then bunch together to chop all in one go to the same size.

Lay a piece of basil out on each half slice of salmon and then roll spear up in it.

Carefully place the eggs in the boiling water and set the timer to 7 minutes.

When there is just 2 minutes left on the timer place the asparagus into the oven and turn the oven off.

When the 2 minutes are up serve immediately with crusty bread and butter and a pot of earl grey tea.

serving suggestion

Serve with crusty bread and butter and a pot of earl grey tea. 

To bulk it out you can add some avocado and spinach leaves.

One thing definitely worth is trying is next time you go into Ikea go to the small food shop before you leave and buy a small jar of seaweed caviar. Spoon some of the seaweed caviar onto your soft runny yolk instead of sea salt.



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Char-grilled lamb chops

Char-grilled lamb chops

Room in my larder

A collection of my ideas, elements and recipes for you to try at home.
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Char-grilled lamb chops with roasted garlic and asparagus.

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    recipe pages – char-grilled lamb chops 

    Try this fairly simple lunch for Easter this year. It’s lightly and fresh tasting and will leave plenty of room for dessert.



    1k of trimmed rack of lamb 

    900g of new potatoes 

    24 asparagus spears trimmed

    A small handful of mint leaves

    6g fresh rosemary needles 

    2 garlic bulbs sliced down the middle 

    150ml of rapeseed oil 

    1 jar of ‘takefood preserves’ wild garlic and pumpkin seed pesto 

    Maldon sea salt 

    Black pepper 




    Ribbed skillet pan or char-grill

    Chopping board and sharp knife 


    Mixing bowl 

    2 baking trays 


    useful info

    Course: Easter lunch
    Oven temp: 180˚c
    Preparation time: 10 minutes
    Cooking time: 30 minutes


    Slice the lamb into chops and brush with rapeseed oil then season with salt and pepper.

    Bend the asparagus spears at the ends where they will naturally break, discard the ends and brush the spears with rapeseed oil.

    Put the potatoes on to steam, depending on their size they should take about 20 minutes (maybe longer – check with a skewer)

    Put the skillet on the hob on high heat and allow to get really hot. (you may want to open the window)

    Brush a little oil on the baking tray and slice the garlic bulbs down the middle then push around in the oil to coat.

    Bake the garlic in the oven for about 12 – 15 minutes or until soft and lightly browned.

    When the potatoes are completely soft throughout remove from the heat and set aside to cool slightly.

    Char-grill the asparagus for about 30 seconds turning over to get an even charring then remove to the second baking tray.

    Place the chops down on to the skillet and press down gently, grill for 2 minutes on each side and then place on the second baking tray with the asparagus and repeat until all the lamb is charred.

    Sprinkle over the rosemary needles and place in the oven for one more minute. (maybe longer if you prefer the lamb less pink but watch you don’t over cook the asparagus)

    Serve the chops and asparagus on a board with mint leaves and garlic bulbs.

    Toss the cooled potatoes in the wild garlic and pumpkin seed pesto and serve to the table in a bowl.

    Let everyone help themselves and pop open a bottle of crisp white wine such as Sancerre.

    You can pop the garlic cloves out of their paper skins and spread on some sour dough bread if you have a loaf or just add to your plate as a condiment.

    If you like a gravy with your lamb simply reduce some white wine and add chicken stock with any remaining meat juices and reduce then whisk in cold unsalted butter. Reduce until you have the thickness you desire.

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